dvd audio any good disc out there

I just purchased a modded denon 3910, mostly for redbook and maybe ocasional dvd video, but since it plays dvd audio I was wondering if any could recomend a few good dvd audio disc to buy. Also, can I go into a best buy or curcit city and find dvd audio disc, or can I only find them online? I am interested in classic rock, r&b, reggea, and old school country. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks
The Doors "Perception" boxed set, and the Talking Heads "Brick" boxed set should both be available at any local BB or CC, and are both fantastic.

Beyond that, there's lots of good stuff available - though a lot of it (The Who's Tommy, Beck Sea Change, etc) is on SACD as well. Most of the other stuff you'll have to find on eBay though - most stores dropped DVD-Audio and SACD support a couple years ago.
DVD-audio is NOT dead and is an absolutely phenomenal format. It is even available in some cars like Acuras.
Great DVD-audios are Esteban: Enter the heart.
Fleetwood Mac: Rumors
Steely Dan : Everything must go.
On the DTS format: Steely Dan: Gaucho
DVD-audio: REM: For the people (I think that the title.)
Dvd audio also offers great video plus to the music like pictures, lyrics, side stories etc.

Can buy at stores new online like CD universe and others. Available at discount new on Amazon and used at half.com. I would not reommend buying on Ebay proper. (Half.com is a fixed price sale site run by the ebay people but things are much more transparent, rules exist for buyers protection (more so than Ebay proper) and shipping is fixed price. Almost all my music is DVD-audio or DTS or less often SACD multichannel. With HDMI 1.3 compatible machines you can get rid of the 6 analog cables from the DVD player to the preamp or receiver.
Anything by Porcupine Tree
Dianna Krall/The Girl in The Other Room
Richard Thompson/The Old Kit Bag
Depeche Mode/Violator
Deep Purple/Machine Head
Neil Young/Harvest
Flaming Lips/Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Grateful Dead/Workingman's Dead and American Beauty
ELP/Brain Salad Surgery
Alan Parson Project/Turn of a Friendly Card, Eye in The Sky and I Robot
Phillip Glass/Koyaanisqatsi
Boz Scaggs/Fade into Light

Some of these I got from yourmusic.com for 6.99 as well as many SACD releases.

Don't forget SACD.
Get Van Halens first cd on HDCD. Look on the back of the case for the HDCD logo. Queen "The Game" dvd-audio. Eagles " Hotel California" dvd-a. Police on SACD is real good too. You can find these at Best Buy or online at CD Universe. The 3910 plays them all.