DVD-Audio 5.1 into 7.1

I would appreciate opinions on how best to hook up a Denon 4800 DVD-Audio player (5.1 out) into a Denon 3803 (7.1 in)? Should I run the the surround channels into:
C. SPLIT the signal with a Y-cable with one channel going to Left-side/Left-back and the other channel going to Right-side/Right-back?
Use the players digital out to the denon 3803.
Sogood's suggestion only works if the DVD-A can be outputed digitally. Current software protection agreement explicitly disallows that (except may be proprietory firewall links in Pioneer etc).

Short answer - not quite possible now. Who knows what the future hold ?
I guess I did not understand his question, I thought he ment for movies because he said 7.1. For dvd audio you would use your analog 5.1 outs on the player. As far as the speaker hookup goes, try it all and see what sounds best. dipole or bipole may sound best at the sides with monopoles in the rear. If you have to use a y-splitter, then you will need to use the exact same speakers at sides and rear as you will only have volume control that will raise and lower both speakers at the same time on each side. In my system I use 5.1 setup for music with rear speakers behind and to the side.
Yes, same speakers all the way around. An yes, I am speaking in regard to DVD-Audio not DVD-Video.