DVD-A vs. music or concert DVD in DTS

I haven't listen to CDs for a long time, but I have found myself listening to Diana Krall on DVD-A and watching concerts of U2, Eagle, & BeeGee on DVD-DTS lately. Which do YOU prefer , or what do YOU listen, CDs, DVD-A, or DVD-DTS (concert)? I don't have SACD.
Generally, I prefer the sound quality of hi-res DVD-A, but I find DTS-equipped DVD-videos to be quite listenable.
I find most videos boring, especially after the first viewing, but I can listen to good music over and over. So, I go for the DVD-A, if available, and the DVD-video, if not.

For surround sound, I still prefer dts over any other format. The mixing is much better, although the mix on dvd-a is improving. I have several dvd audios that also have dts and I usually listen in the dts mode. Although the dts is a compressed mode, it has much greater resolution than DD or redbook cds. Of course with dvd-v with dts concerts you also get the video. IMO the state of the art sound and video is Mannheim Steamroller's Fresh Air 8--in dts.