DVD-A Super disc

I'm on my way to mow the grass, but I just listened to part of one of the new discs that arrived today, and want to share my observation right away.

I have mentioned TACET DVD-A discs before, but this one is absolutely stunning. TACET DVD D115 Beethoven Septet & Octet. TACET discs are, to my knowledge, only available through Elusive Disc (on the web), and they cost about twice as mush as the typical disc. Worth every penny.
Buy one at least for demo purposes even if you don't fancy classical music.

The TACET mastering makes full use of the rear channels (that you paid so much for) and this format is perfect for small instrumental groups, Classical or Jazz. The TACET discs opened my eyes to the fact that your rear speakers really ought to be comparable to the fronts. It also demonstrates that disc mastering has far greater influence on sonic quality than any equipment issue.
This is good to hear, I have dvd-a and sacd player. I have not tried to form an opinion on the format war but have many more sacd's than I do dvd-audio disc's, I will check this out.