DVD-A signal to my stand-alone DAC; problems

Hi. I have moved my Denon 3910 universal player into my 2-channel audio room in order to incorporate its DVD-Audio & SACD capabilities. I have the player connected to my Musical Fidelity preamp with high-end analog cables, but I'd like to run the 3910's digital signal through my high-end stand-alone DAC. The 3910 offers optical "toslink" digital output, a RCA digital out, an HDMI digital out, and a digital output Denon terms "I-Link." I understand this type of output/cable is now used fairly commonly by other manufacturers under different names. Unfortunately my DAC only has digital optical and RCA inputs,and the Denon doesn't seem to send the DVD-A or SACD signal to the DAC through those connections. Is there some type of converter box or other way I can run the Denon's digital DVD-A & SACD signals (maybe using the "I-Link" cable)through my DAC? Many thanks!
Hi K-King,

i am no audio techie, but i always thought dvd-a and sacd do not "fit thru the pipe" on certain digital in/outs (like RCA, BNC)? I have an oppo 83 transport and i think the output on bnc/rca is not SACD...only 16/44? my dac is only 16/44 anyway, so i am not fussed.

in any event, i am sure there are more knowledgeable people on AGon who can help.
No, I highly doubt it, unfortunately. Even if you could, the chances that your DAC would be able to decode the bitstream is virtually nil. You must understand that both SACD's DSD(direct stream digital)and DVD-A's MLP(Meridian Lossless Packing) were both designed to be decoded within the player only, to content protect against unauthorized copying.
The SACD playback through the 3910's analog outs directly into the Musical Fidelity is noticibly fuller than 24-bit CDs played through the Cambridge. To what do you credit the improvement; the SACD 2-channel format or the 3910's triple Burr-Brown DACs??
In the case of the SACD, its the format and the DSD decoding (the SACDs do not, as far as I know) do not output a data stream that the Burr Brown's can decode.