DVD-A, SACD with Cal Audio 2500 series Gear

I own the Cal audio mca 2500 amp and the 2500 ssp processor. I really enjoy both of them for both HT and 2 channel sound. I would like to move to DVD-A and SACD in the form of the McCormack, Esoteric or Goldmund multi-format players. The SSP does not support DVD-A or SACD.

Anybody have a solution? Is there a mod or some form of pass through that could be achieved without losing either of the Cal Audio pieces for newer gear?

Sony TA-P9000ES. Discontinued but they show up.

Thanks for the suggestion. How would the hook up work with this?
See my review at www.stereophile.com under Music in the Round.

Are there any Modders out there that are up to adding some mods to the 2500 SSP to make it SACD and DVD-A worthy?