DVD-A/SACD two box solution what do you think?

I am still trying to figure out what to do so let me know what you think of this solution. For SACD and redbook playback I will use the Phillips 963 and for DVD-V/DVD-A I was thinking of getting a Toshiba SD-9200, which also has HDCD decoding. Used this combo will be cheaper than a new universal that I was considering. Would you change either box and why? Thanks.

Do you really feel the need to cover both formats ? Is there really enough recordings being released on either format to make either of them "mandatory" at this point in time ? While there are a few SACD recordings that are worth owning, there really isn't enough out there to even begin to wet my appetite. I'm sure that DVD-A is probably about the same, give or take. Bottom line to me is that either format is capable of pretty good performance IF the people doing the recording and mastering know what they are doing. Otherwise, a very good quality redbook based front end is just as good or better. I say this as they are all limited by the quality of recording being fed into them. Since most recordings are junk, the limitations aren't with a good system of any format, but with the recordings themselves. Sean
I own a Toshiba SD-9200, it is an awesome DVD player for movies but as far as DVD-A, I no longer have the 5.1 outs connected. I really think (gosh I hope I don't get slamed for this?) DVD-A is more of a Videophile format, since you need your TV & the remote for 73 different buttons that have to be pushed to set-up the disc!

I'm running a 2ch sacd player now, I haven't heard enough spectacular surround discs to make me upgrade my player.

As far as the Toshiba for Audio, it's not bad, as a cdp & HDCD. Gosh it is however Stereophile class A, (cough, cough) yet my good Ol'e Denon DVD-5000 runs circles around it as far as audio & hdcd is concerned!

The Denon & Toshiba, I just consider Book Ends. As for a good Front End, you really don't want any video circus-try in your player.
I purchased the SONY SCD 555 ES about a year and a half ago. I needed a new CDP and I was intrigued by the potential of SACD ... also, the price for the unit, at the time, was good (40% off list), and I figured what the hell. I have the SONY hooked up as a 2 channel player in an audio only system. I have since purchased about 35 SACD titles, of which about half are hybrids. I am happy with the SONY and SACD, but I am fairly certain that I would have been just as happy with redbook CD playback on a good quality CD player. As for DVD-A, I felt that any DVD-A worth owning would sound fine on my DVD-V player (which is part of a 2 channel HT set-up; with a Pioneer PD 65 used for CD playback).

At the end of the day, the quality of recordings is the real culprit. I am finding that the better the equipment is, the better the quality of the recording has to be, as the equipment is more unforgiving of mediocre recordings. So, when given a choice, I will purchase an audiophile pressing (XRCD, etc.). BTW, I find HDCD's excellent ... they sound great on my 3rd CD player, a Music Hall CD 25.

There is also the new format software environment to consider (limited number of new format releases, the new format version of a new CD release that you want may just never happen, and you will inevitably wind up buying your new format discs mail order).

If you attempt to cover both formats, you will have double the frustration. Unless you really must have surround sound audio ... you must just wish to pass on SACD/DVD-A. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably have gone for a good quality CD player (like a Rega; MF; etc). SACD title chasing is frustrating and the Record/CD Companies do not make it easy. Fortunately, the SONY is worth owning and I stayed way from DVD-A.

Regards, Rich
If you want an inexpensive solution for DDVD, DVD A, DAD, and CD try the Pioneer DVD players like DV 656A or its follow-on. It's also newer technology than the Toshiba.
You should also consider a Dan Wright Pioneer DV-47 with the Universal Truth modifications. It's an amazing performer, and it will play all current formats. You should be out less than $1500, even after buying a new player at a discount and paying for the mods. It will honestly compete with anything I've heard for less than $5,000. I received mine a few weeks ago, and I'm AMAZED by its' performance.
If audio is your prime concern, the Pioneer DV-45A has the same audio section as the 47 for less money, it plays
everything and can be Modwrighted or roll your own mods
as I plan to do.
Hey Kana can you roll me a mod ?
Anybody out there heard the Esoteric DV-50? It got a rave in a review online in "Soundstage", and I believe it is scheduled to be reviewed in the August "Stereophile". It is half the price of the Linn Unidisk ($11,000.00), and might be just as good or better than the Linn.
I have caught wind that the unit is really good, and really a blast to have and use. Its adds dimension and flexibility to any system especially one that has a good foundation, meaning amp, speaker, cables, line conditioning etc. Seems like just the ticket. Leave it up to Teac a very old company to produce a product in a timely fashion when high ends guys are need for the newer technology but are hestitant to throw big money at a ever changing forum that wreaks constant change. The Esoteric seems to offer so many commom platforms that the higher powers probably won't beable to change them all to extinction at one time, making this piece a keeper in my eyes.
Now that I have my Esoteric DV-50, I can tell you that it is the most versitile, best-sounding digital device I have ever used, and I have lived with a lot of them including converters and CD decks from Levinson, ARC, and Dodson. Its resolution is uncanny, and the selectable upsampling filters really work (as opposed to the Sony SCD 777, which do virtually nothing you can hear). Also, it outperforms my friend's Linn Unidisk, for which he paid a cool ll,000 bucks!