DVD-A player that'll output 24/96 digital signal

I was told on in a post on this forum that a Technics A10 player will output 24/96 through it's digital output. Now somebody who owns one wrote to tell me this wasn't so and said he checked it himself to be sure. Is there any player out there that you can use with an outboard DAC ?
There are a number of threads, some recent, on this subject you should check, but one thing I do recall from them is that whether you can get a true 24/96 signal output from the digital out of a DVD-A player depends on the DVD-A disc itself; most, I believe, will not allow the player pass that signal in the digital domain.
Rcprince is correct. I recently posted a thread on this subject. I have a Marantz DV-12S1 that allows the user to toggle between a 24/96 digital signal output and one that has been 'down-converted', depending on what one's processor or DAC can handle. Unfortunately, the manual also clearly states that many DVD-A discs may restrict the player's ability to output 24/96, regardless of setting, due to piracy and copyright issues. My player's on screen menus will display the signal being output, whether it is 'down-converted', 44, 48, or 96.

In my limited experience with DVD-A's, I have yet to find a disc that is not locked. Unless I can find a way to mod my player to circumvent this glitch, I see no reason to purchase an external DAC.
Same experience. My Esoteric DV-50 can be set to output 24/96, and I have done so, but the manual says it can do it only on discs which permit it. It is hooked up to a digital input on a dCS Purcell, which displays the incoming data stream. On more than 20 DVD-A's, not one of them is outputting more than 48, according to the Purcell. In contrast, when I turn on the upconversion on my other digital source, the Purcell reads 24/96 incoming.
Watch out, Muralman, the RIAA police are on to you!
Why not just get a player with a good D/A? Good D/A's are no longer uncommon. The need for outboard D/A's is fast disapearing.
Huh? moi? Anyway, rewording everything, the Liteon is the greatest thing since soft tissue. It's cd play is astounding for $150. It can also read every kind of DVD you put in it.
I have an EAD DVD Master 8000 Pro and as stated above by most other resposes I only get the 24/96 with the Analog pass through, have note yet gotten it with the digital. And as stated above my manual also states that the 24/96 is based on the DVD-A being played (lock/ unlock). Out of the 12 to 15 disc's I currently own all have been able to play the 24/96 in analog
Is there a way to circumvent the 24/96 coding block on current DVD-A players? Are they're any talented hackers out there who can acheive this seemingly simmple task? Could it be done by replacing or rewording the code that instructs DVD-A disk output to downsample?. I'm not a software pirate, just want to listen to my DVD-A's at their fully potential. Thanks.
Also, it has ocurred to me that making a copy of a DVD-A while deleting the coding in quesion might solve the problem. Thanks.