DVD-A player, coaxial, optical, or 6 analog inputs

I have a Fosgate FAP-T1 pre-amp processor and a Panasonic CP-72 (DVD player w/ DVD-A). For DVD-A and HT setup, should I use 6 analog inputs, or should I use the digital audio input, such as either coaxial or optical? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
For DVD-A, unless you have a DVD-A decoder on your pre-amp/reciever (which I doubt)you will need to use the 6-ch out on the player. The decoding must be done on the player then passed in analog to the pre-amp/reciever. Using the digital outs will get you pro-logic at best.

Hope that helps
For DVDA (and SACD) you MUST use analog, because there is no digital. Connect the digital also for use with sources that do have digital output, so that only the processor does D/A conversion.