DVD-A monitor


my humble rig, which im starting all over from scratch, uses a Panasonic DV-A7 DVD audio player. It will ONLY be used as a music source for CD's and DVD-A, becuase quite frankly, the aliasing on this piece of junk is so terrible its annoying to watch. HOWEVER, it sounds absolutly fantastic. It makes a GREAT CD PLAYER.

Anyways, i want to get a monitor for it. I DONT want a bulky Television, i would prefer something FLAT. However, i dont want to pay the price for a 13 inch LCD or plasma, becuse this will be used ONLY as a monitor to get full use of the DVD-A player. the panasonic i use is a real pain in the butt to select 2 channel playback on the DVD-As without a monitor.

Would one of those flat 299 LCD computer monitors work for this? Can they hook up to an S-Video cable? isnt it basically an SVGA cable?

any info would be great.

Try one of the small LCD monitors with composite vidio inputs from RS, MCM, PartsExpress, etc.
First, get onto the internet and check out the discounted prices for LCD and plasma. the Plasma Depot is one place to check. Plasma is dropping in price, daily.

But, if you do get plasma or LCD or projector, be sure it has at least either a 15-pin or a three pin component input. there are very cheap DVD players that have progressive scanning that will make your heart ache over the beautiful picture. Okay, stick to your CD dac which is what i do. Simple monitors are not that prohibutive, especially on ebay.

You won't regret it.