DVD / 5 channel receiver combo

I'm looking to put together a home theater system for a friend of my parents and was hoping to find a combination DVD player / 5 channel receiver. The issue is that she's technologically challenged, and just having one remote with one "box" to turn on would be much easier for her to deal with. Hoping to stay away from HTIB though. I know NAD has one, but it is only a 2 channel receiver; the Linn is too expensive. Not asking for much, am I??? LOL

Any suggestions would be apppreciated.

Thanks, Erik
The NAD L73 is a DVD player plus 5-channel receiver. Check it out here.
If you stick within almost any major product line for both the receiver and DVD player, you often can use a proprietary lin (Denon, Pioneer) and easily connect the two together and control them with a single remote easily. If it is just the remote issue, look into the Harmony universals, they truly can make a difficult system easy to use. My family can use my reference system without ever calling me since I got one, and my system would be almost impossible for even my to remember all the intricacies of without it!
There are some made by NAD. The one you are referring to which only has two channels is the L53. The L73 is the one with the 5.1 channels. There are also older NAD models, like the L70. You can find these for under $500. Check Videogon as well as Audiogon since the two sites don't always have the same gear listed.

There are also some discontinued Sony models that you can find for under $500. One model is the AVD-s50es. There is another one but I can't remember the model number.

And even though it may make me the subject of derision, you can always look at Bose. If this is for a non-audiophile friend of your parents, and they are technologically challenged, Bose hit this market very well. I know a number of parents who have Bose gear and they think it's great. It's not high end but they think its the best, especially with theose little speakers and the sub hidden behind a chair. Don't discount Bose if you think this person might fit the Bose marketing profile. But buy used if you consider it an option. Their new equipment is overpriced IMO.
Arcam has a new one also.
Thanks for all of the responses. I'll look into them.
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