DV-50s vs Krell SACD Standard vs Denon 3910 mod

Would sincerely appreciate some experienced guidance or commentary on this.

Here's my situation: Want a great SACD/CD player, happy with a 'good' DVD/DVD-A player - or a universal biased towards SACD/Redbook CD performance.

I'd thought of an Underwood/Partsconnexion mod'd DVD-5900 or 3910, but think I'd be setting myself up for losing even more $$$ when I go to upgrade...
So, have been thinking of the Teac Esoteric DV-50s, or Krell SACD Standard [since CD is my priority]

I've seen the Krell vs Esoteric thread ... but wonder what else I should consider in the $2k-$5k range ?
Happy to buy a good used model in that range as well
Lazarus28, Thank you for your viewpoint, I hope you read the WHOLE thread where I in fact Apoligized if I seemed overzealous. I am on a mission, and a search for the digital source that I feel is the best, to me. I believe what I am hearing right now in my system, with my ears, is in fact just that. I am really attempting to describe accurately, my findings. Not to promote, for I have no direct relationship with any modder, or manufacturer. In fact, I have the balls to do exactly what you say, That is I buy, try, compare, sell, or return. I, in fact am still searching for the right source. Only, now it is for my HT. I will still lend my unit for shootouts, comparisons, and fun. Hey, thats just me. I own a mortgage company, and do not need to sell audio for a living, nor do I. That being said, I do not have any motive except to report in an honest way, what I hear. You are right that not everyone is going to like the same thing. IMHO, most do, most meaning more than 50%. That makes a majority, and thats why shootouts are fun, and educational.

I am glad you have the Meitner gear, and are happy. Had I not run accross Alex, and APL I might have the Meitneer too. In fact I look forward to comparing, and guess what, If I like the meitner better, in my system, I will buy it. I have stated I have a budget of 20k for this, and I think the meitner falls in there. I hope one day soon you get to listen to the APL, and I get to compare, directly with the meitner. Hopefully my player will be at the shootout at audioesentials next weekend, (I will be on a cruise with my wife and daughter)I am just hoping those who
do attend, get the same type of enjoyment, and pleasure as me. My purpose here is not to promote a certain product, it is to bring great products to peoples attention. Why? Cause it makes me happy, and helps those around me on the same search as myself. A lot of people cannot take the time I am putting forth, and/or do not have the resources I have to play this game. Yes, to me, this is fun, I am on a journey to find my audio nirvana. Sounds to me that you are too. We seem to be on an analagous journey seperate, but together. Please tell me IYHO, the difference between the Meitner, and the DV-50. I am real interested to see how you would put it.

I also have owned the DV-50, or I never could have said what I said. Yes, my initial posting on the thread were overly zealous, and incorrectly phrased. I was so exited with my APL, and Exemplar, and acted foolish in my writings. I forgot that the written word, is a record. I did apologize for that. I must tell you I feel really proud about my journey, and my writings, today. I have rerceived much email, of appreciation from many audiogon members, requesting me to keep up the great work. I am still having fun here, I hope I am not offending you in any way, shape, or form. As I said before, I intend to keep on my search, until I stop having fun with it. Please try not to make this journey a drag. I invite you to vistit if you are ever in the Chicago area.

Thanks again for the comments, and yes I am a hairy guy, sort of like a gorilla, so maybe I am the Alpha male. Wink wink
I wouldn't buy anything before trying the new Marantz SA-11 two channel SACD. Although I haven't heard it yet, the SA-14 is fabulous and hopefully the ll is even better.

Meta, I heard you're in the Bay Area. Would you care to share a listening experience whenever you get the APL back? Thanks.
If "since CD is my priority," take a look at the Talk Electronics Thunder 3.1b, it's in your price range.

IMO, unless you're going to go the Meitner route, forget about SACD and the modified universal player of the week.
Kana813, IMHO both the APL, and the Exemplar, exceed any mass produced player I have heard, in redbook. I encourage you to listen for yourself, before making statements like you have. I invite you for a listen. The b onus here is the other formats being wondeful in addition.