DV 20X-L: Sutherland, Dynavector P75 or Heed....

Looking at phono stages in the $800-$1200 range. Any thoughts on the Sutherland's, Heed Quasar, or DV's own P75-3. TT is WT Amadeus, Integrated is an LM 211, EL34 based amp. Speakers are Spendor 3/5's. Needless to say, flexibility and good tonality are desired. This won't be a headbanging system. That is for my main system in a larger room. Cheers-Don
The P75 is very underrated. If you match it with a DV cart., you get great sound for not a lot of money.
I also quite enjoyed the P75 in PE mode with a low output MC. The other phono stage you might want to look at is the Avid phono pre in that price range. I have the Avid Pulsus which replaced my SimAudio 5.3LP with external power supply, which replaced my P75. You may be able to find a Pulsus in your price range used.
I'm leaning toward the Quasar. While the P75 is highly praised, I have some other opinions leaning toward the Quasar.
I am a new Dynavector owner, so that is an experiment in itself. I have heard DV's twice, and was impressed one time, but less so another. One person suggesting the Quasar has been through a few pretty nice Phono pre's, and he has landed w/ the Heed. Cheers-Don
If you have it narrowed down this far, then why not try to audition both? That is the easiest way to tell what works best in your system, according to your tastes (rather than in the system of some other person, and according to the tastes of that person).

Forums are great for narrowing down options. But in the end, let your ears decide.
Thanks Roscoeiii and Zd542. I have a Quasar on the way. Roscoeiii, I was taking a close look at the Pulsus, but it ultimately came down to price. I was already bumping up from the P75 to the Heed price wise. Cheers -Don
I went P75 with my DV20xl and it's an awesome unit. It's also a nice match for a Denon DL103 if you want to try something else. I've heard a lot of lower cost phono pres and the P75 is my favorite.
I've owned a P75 and a Sutherland PHD. I think the tonality of the Sutherland is superior. It's the best sounding phono stage I've ever heard.