Dutch & Dutch 8c with multiple sources

I’m really interested in getting the Dutch & Dutch 8c. I want to use a Mac mini for music, however I also want to be able to run the audio from my TV through the them. How would I do this?
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I sold the D&D 8c but I always used all digital AES3 to the speakers but for what you want you'll need a preamp or DAC with multiple inputs.  
I don’t want to introduce another dac into the system. Can someone please tell me the names of a few preamps that would work?
I do not think there are any hifi preamps that take two or more toslink inputs and have an aes3 output. Or do I misunderstand how to do this?
That's why I said you might need to use a preamp or DAC with multiple inputs and use analog output to the speakers. The way I did it was setup my server on the network and used a Lumin U1 mini to stream from my ripped files and Quboz to the speakers. 
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Is your connection from the TV , Toslink, SPDIF , HDMI or analog ?  You could email Dutch and Dutch  explain what you're trying to do. They were always considerate and helpful. 
If I use a cheap external dac as a preamp then I’m limiting the quality of the input to the 8c, which is fine for tv but is terrible for music from the computer
Don't confuse price with quality in DACs. I just used an example there are a lot of DACs that can be used as a preamp. Maybe this link will help.

Is it possible to plug the Mac mini into the network socket (via router) for use with Roon and also have something plugged into the aes socket?
djones51: thank you for that article, that has a lot of useful information however, I really want to get rid of extra dacs and use the DAC in the 8c
All D&D needed to do was include one optical spdif input and it would have saved users so much grief. This is a real design flaw