Dutch & Dutch 8c Loudspeakers

Does anyone own the Dutch & Dutch 8c loudspeakers? If you do would you mind instructing me on how to hook them up to my Oppo BDP-95 and my MacBook Pro 5" screen 2016 model.
Can you run XLR's from your Oppo into the monitors? Each has a single XLR connector for input.
@seadogs1 you can only have one source connected at a time unless you add a switcher/mixer/router between the multiple sources and the speakers.

The OPPO BDP-95 supports analog XLR output. You can use one channel each from the BDP-95 to each 8c, and select -10dBV.

Your MacBook only has 1/8" stereo analog output via its headphone output jack (I believe). You will need to split and convert that to left and right XLR connections to the 8c speakers, and again have -10dBV selected.

If you want to send digital audio, then the BDP-95 has optical and coaxial S/PDIF but you will need to convert them to AES/EBU. Likewise I believe your MacBook has mini-TOSLink optical S/PDIF from its headphone output jack, but it will also need to be converted to AES/EBU. AES/EBU will be fed into one 8c speaker, and then another XLR cable will go from that speaker's THRU output jack to the other speaker's IN input jack. And then use the 8c AES3 L and AES3 R settings on the left and right speakers respectively.

Most of the connections and settings are documented in the 8c manual, so I think your biggest issue is most likely how to deal with your two sources and getting your MacBook to connect to the XLR input.
You should use an impedance transformer if using SPDIF changing it from
75 Ohm to 110 Ohm
You can go to Dutch and Dutch website click on support then support hub and find a lot of info on how to set up and use REW.
You need a preamp with D&D 8c if you want to connect multiple components. I home demoed 8c with Trinnov Amethyst so I could connect my Aurender N100 and VPI TT. I wish D&D would bring out a pre amp like Kii Audio have done with the Kii Control for Kii Threes. I also home demoed the Kii Three and ended up keeping them. The hardest decision I have ever made in my hifi journey choosing between the D&D 8c and Kii Three, but in the end I preferred the SQ of Kii Three and ease of connecting my VPI Prime TT to RCM Sensor 2 via XLR into analog input on Kii three speaker. I connect my Aurender to the Kii Control USB input, I did have an oppo 105 which I connected to the Kii Control Coax input, SQ was sensational. My family preferred the look, sound and ease of playing music with the Kii Threes, they can open their Apple Music app, select Aurender which wakes from standby and wakes the Kii Threes from standby and play music instantly.