Dutch audiophiles' advice on Master Three plse

... or anyone else's, of course, but I just guess the product may be known only locally.

Is anyone familiar with Dynamics Solutions Master Three, specifically the version with Nirvana internal cabling?
Can it be driven with a low wattage tube amp (in a smaller room)? Any outstanding quality that leaps to your mind? Resemblance with other better known monitors?

I know I should be listening instead of asking but the pair on offer is hundreds of miles away, so...
I have owned a pair of Master Three's with Nirvana cabling (latest version) and I liked them very much. A very fine soundstage and a powerfull low end for such a small speaker.
The non-Nirvana Three's were less dynamic and had a less extended low end.
I have a 40 watt tube amp and it never runs out of juice even at very high soundlevels.
Thanks. Meanwhile, I am considering swapping my 2x15W Unison for a 2x8W Audion SET amp. I guess that rules out the Master as speaker, the hottest contender is now the WLM Diva.