Dust residue after carbon fiber brush cleaning

Whenever I use my Hnt carbon fiebr brush, there remains a line of dust residue where I lifted the brush off the record. I do it gradually and as recommended by brush directions. True for brand new 180gm records as well. What do i do wrong?
I had the same problem with carbon fibre brushes, perhaps it is their nature?

I've had very good luck with the Decca brand record brush. It has two different lengths of bristle (one each side), allowing the user to choose cleaning pressure.
I had the same problem heres how I solved it. On new 180gr
and just cleaned used I will only used a carbon fiber brush before a play. I let the brush rotate 15 to 20 seconds one hand on brush one on a grounded source thus allowing negative charges to travel though me bringing the vinyl back to a more possitive state, after that time alotment I ever so slowly bring the brush staight toward me as I bring the brush so comes the dust when I lift the brush strait up it leaves a line of dust. This quick method is better than allowing the dust to stay on the record.
What I have done for years, is to allow the brush to remain in contact with the record, after a couple revolutions, and then draw the brush towards me, on an angle, in a sweeping motion, to sweep the dust off the edge of the record. It has always worked great for me. And I have a dusty environment, being a bachelor and all. Not the worlds greatest housekeeper!
Yes, and the method used by Twl are exactly those as contained in the instruction sheet for the Hunt. The "grounding" suggestion offered by the King of Cylinders is wise, and effective. As cumbersome as it can be, I usually do the brushing while holding the LP, as opposed to when it is rotating on the table. Then a blast of Zerostat.