Dust problems on high gloss surfaces

Does anybody - esp. McIntosh MC 2000 owners - know how to keep the golden plated base dustfree?? The cloth which comes with the amp is absolutely useless - it applied some scratches right away - I could have freaked.
I don't use the tube cover because the tube section is so beautiful to look at and the tubes can breath better - but there's the dust which spoils most of this glorious impression.
I know that an amp is for musical purposes in the first place - but with a beautiful Mac........?
Thanks for any input!
I just picked up a box of "Swiffer Dusters". It is that Swiffer cloths product shredded to form a duster of sorts. I use it to dust my tube amps (whenb they are turned off). Works great, sucks up the dust, does not scratch at all.
A solution that could be used in this case is to use a silk cloth as a dustcover for the unit when it is not in use. Naturally, you have to wait to put it on until after the tubes have cooled off. The "Swiffers" mentioned above are also a good idea.
Try 3m micro fiber cloths way better than a swifer, swifer uses sillocon .3M cloths are just micro fiber they hold hudge amounts of dust without scraching .Martin logan sells them for $30 but you can buy them for arround $7 at[k mart ,janitorial supply stores,]they can be washed and used over and over ,mine is 3 years old still going strong
use stand-by vacuume cleaner.
You can blow the dust away using a small air pressure
can used in photography or those small chinese brushes that come in a variety of shape in those chinese boutique. Using an air conditioner an keeping the window closed helps also, specially in combination with an air purifier working on and off inside. You can also ask a piano store, they should know something.