Dust in the window

Crazy spouse story.

I came home the other day and found dust scattered all over my music room.  Dust all over the place and in the weirdest locations -- almost as if someone had entered my private sanctuary and taken it upon themselves to alter my perfect habitat.

So on inquiring with my spouse, I discovered she had noticed a lot of build up of dust and decided to blow it all out using ... here it comes ... the outside leaf blower.

Yes, I kid you not.  She brought in a huge leaf blower and blew dust all over the place to "fix things".

I wonder if others have had experiences like this or other funny (and true) stories.


I don’t think anything could beat your story, here’s mine. The second floor of our home is one huge room with a third of it partitioned off as a walk in closet.  My wife keeps telling me we have to change the wall to wall, everything has to be thoroughly dusted, new blinds and curtains, etc. I have mt office and secondary system up there and spend about 5-6 hours a day in my sanctuary.  If I get the room done like my wife wants, she said she will do her ironing and sewing up here.
By keeping the room like it is, I have gone 26 years like this. I know in my heart this room will never change.  

We really need our sanctuaries.  This is what keeps us sane.

Nope, can’t beat yours or stereo5’s stories. They cover the spectrum from a present situation to a lasting one and I’m all the better for having heard them and not experiencing them.

My best to hemtt3345 for all the cleaning he has ahead of him and my hats off to stereo5 for the perfect solution to a happy marriage.

All the best,

12 pound sledge hammer for a #6 finish nail!

Think that's bad? Lots of folks in our neighborhood run two-stroke motorcycle engines at full throttle for hours. Amazingly, they strap them to their backs and blow leaves around. It's bizarre and really very f-ing annoying. 

This is very weird and stupid.

Used to be president of the PNW Porsche club, with a 79 911SC that was always absolutely pristine and gleaming. One day I come home, car is covered in sawdust. Absolutely caked. Wood shop is right behind the garage. Wife decided to clean the wood shop. With - you guessed it - the leaf blower.

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Hats off to you for posting that. I'd never tell that story, even to my best friend.

I came home one day to find the wall between our media room and kitchen torn down, 2 X 4's cut across at odd lengths with a hand saw. Sheet rock all over the place. I knew she did not like that wall and she made totally sure it would not recover.

Hand made Japanese pull saws are a work of art and very expensive. I have several. One is a very fine hollow ground rip saw for cutting dovetails. It cost $300. I found the Mrs trimming her bushes with it. 

She is from rural Alabama and they do know how to get things done to a degree. They don't sell old pick up trucks. They park them in the field next to the house. Might need the parts one day. You've seen the pictures, several rotting hulks parked next to the house. Picturesque. 

To clear things up just in case someone got the wrong idea. I do dust the room occasionally, like once a month, but I don’t go nuts cleaning like my wife would. Hence, she stays away, and we are both happier.  Also, my wife uses one of the spare bedrooms (kids are long gone) for her sewing and ironing, so why crap up my space upstairs?

My wife like application heavy duty machine too. Love adventure woman.

A good buddy of mine had two expensive phono cartridges ruined by his housekeeper while dusting. She kept her job after the first mistake but not the second time. 

A good friend took his new wife, who had no experience with snow, for a winter vacation in the mountains. Flying, then renting a car.  One morning after a heavy snow, his wife, seeing the car covered, took a metal spatula to clear off the car.  Wanting to be thorough, she scraped the snow off the entire car, scratching the hell out of the paint job -- a small detail she was oblivious to. The marriage survived.

a gallon of Brooks Berdan record cleaning fluid disappeared, i found it almost empty in housekeeper closet… Wife remarked that the house smelled strange but clean last three ( expensive ) cleanings….