Dust Cover for Thorens TD-147.........

Hello Everyone:

How is everyone doing today??? Well, I am the same fellow that has bought a used Thorens TD-147 Belt-Drive Turntable off of "e-bay" a few weeks ago, and I did remember mentioning that I will have to have the plug repaired or replaced, and that there is a 3" crack on the left end (or right end) rear of the dust cover. I feel that when my table finally arrives in another week or so, I think that it will take less than $100.00 worth of work to get it back into immaculate condition (that is have the plug repaired or replaced). But now, I would like to replace the dust cover as well. Anyone doesn't happen to know of a source where I could find me a replacement dust cover for my TD-147, do you???

Thanks in advance for any responses.

contact membername - Vtvu. Vinh makes custom covers & does a nice job. He can clone a copy of your original.
Try Thorens, if you haven't already. I purchased a TD-147 dustcover from them a few years ago as a backup to the original. Never needed to take it out of the box. It was included in the sale of the turntable to an Audiogon member last year.

Okay..... I think I might do just that. Do you know of anyway that I can get in contact them???


Okay..... I might do just that as well. They may sound like a more attractive option on top of that.

Thanks to the both of you..........

Hi Charles you can always input any member's name into Learn, Member Lookup: you will get a link to the member's email, active ads, feedback, etc. Here's a link to Vinh's turntable-cover ad; just highlight it with your cursor then copy to clipboard & paste it into your browser.

Thanks......... I have done that. I also pasted it into my browser. I am going to try Thorens first and see what they can do. If they cannot do anything after I contact them, then I may be giving "Vtvu" a call pretty soon.