Dust cover for my dust cover?

I know the title sounds dumb but I just purchased a basically brand new condition Pioneer PL-90 vintage turntable. Even the acrylic dust cover is like brand new. I'm trying to keep it that way. I want to keep dust from ever getting on the acrylic. I know I could just throw a microfiber towel over it or something when I'm not using it but I would like something that looks a little more professional. What would be the kindest material to come in contact with the acrylic without leaving any scratches whatsoever? Would love to buy a pre-made rectangular cover that fits but this thing is huge. Approximately 24 in by 17 in by 8. So far I can't find anything pre-made even close to this 24-in length. Ideas? Thanks


Check out Digital Deck Covers — great company.  I had them make me a custom cover to place over my acrylic cover.


Try something very light - a natural silk scarf.

Something from Hermes should meet the WAF ( wife acceptance factor ).

there are lots of designs t choose from.

Another, less pretty option, I inherited a TT once - the owner had wrapped the acrylic lid in glad wrap - it was like new after 30 years - looked like it had never been used.

I've used silks for 45 years, some are 75 years old. They don't hold water they don't mold, they don't hold dust. Because they don't hold dust, they don't scratch anything. I have some that are fitted to pretty large speakers too. 

When it's extra dusty by the end of the summer, I leave them on while playing. I just expose the face plates.

BTW I change for the seasons. I just wash them in Woolite and a 5 gallon bucket. Block and let dry.


I work in a manufacturing facility that produces components that are highly sensitive to electrostatic discharge. We have these ESD workstation cloths all over the plant to protect our components and assemblies. I use one to cover my turntable. 

Similar to this:

Aesops ESD Workstation Cover - Midwest Production Supply

I think you are being anal retentive! The dust cover is to prevent dust from getting to delicate bearings and records. Dust will not hurt the dust cover at all. A microfiber cloth and Windex will take care of it. You might have to wipe it off once a week or so. Swirl marks are extremely easy to remove buffing out with automotive compounds. I use Menzerna's 2500. It will make the plastic look like glass and remove any light scratches and swirl marks. Taking any cover on and off the dust cover repetitively will definitely cause swirl marks. 

I'll second Digital Deck Covers.

You measure, it will be made to exactly your specs, you choose the material, and may choose their logo applied, or omit.

I had them make covers for all my components.

Kitchen towels from Walmart works good. You can match different colors and textures for that.