Dust Cover for Amps

Is there a manufacturer of custom slip covers for mono blocks, etc?  
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If you know someone with a sewing machine, you can have one made for a couple of bucks in materials. That how I got mine made.
I used this vendor for a custom cover for my Cayin Integrated. He does nice work at a reasonable price. All he needs are the dimensions of your amps and if you want the logo on the cover.
I believe that the two posts (#1 & #4) are referring to the same manufacturer, a sole proprietor. I agree he does excellent custom work quickly with good communication and fast shipping. I was very pleased with the cover I had him make for my Allnic T-1500 Integrated Tube Amp.
I bought quilted covers for my large mono tube amps from digitaldeckcovers.com. They are well-experienced in providing covers for audio equipment.

I gave them dimensions and the covers came to me with a perfect fit and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended,
+1 for digital deck covers.  They are custom made and fit nicely.  I have one for a large format printer and one for a desktop scanner.  They are simple looking, not fancy, but they do the job.
Stan @ radiodustcovers.com does a heck of a job.  I've bought two from him and the quality is top notch.  I'll probably buy another one or two, especially since I've inherited my mom's cat.....walking hair ball. 
Thanks for the link, I contacted Stan and will be ordering a cover for my Viva amp.