Dust cover ???????

I just got a Clearaudio Performance TT, that comes without a dustcover. What do most people do in regard to one?? Skip it or buy one---pros and cons?
You could just place an attractive towel over it,but this could snag the cartridge if you don't have the proper guard.You just might want to buy a dust cover to protect your investment from dust,fingerprints and unwanted hands, or, why not just make your own.Any plastic supplier with your measurements can cut it from a piece of large plexi in minutes and you just glue it all with the right adhesive.Much cheaper, and you made it yourself. It will look just as good as many that are costing way to much for what they offer.
If not worried about looks, but want to protect the turntable from dust, you could always buy a box from a store like Office Depot and place over top of the turntable when not in use. Figure a few dollars for this....
I went to a plastics factory,where they make acrylic display cases from covering models to cake displays ect.
I had them cut the top cover about 2/3 back so I could change the LP with ease and when I lift up the lid she rests on the rest of the lid(acrylic hinges also).the top face is slanted down as I have a Clearaudio championII on a 4 shelf stand.
It is a lot easier to change the LP as my racks are quite high.I payed 170.00 for a custom made cover and she looks way better than just the square cover(no lid),as you would have to lift up the whole cover to change an LP out.I think she was cheap and I got exactly what I wanted and needed(convenience).
save your money! no need for a dust cover! you will never use it!

could you post a picture of this?

I was thinking of having something like this made.
... then a dust cover is a really good investment. In fact, if you employ a cleaner, then get one too. I lost the stylus from my Dyna Karat and my Micro Seiki LC80W over the years to a bit of rather zealous dusting!!!!

We have cats and 3 kids. I bought a custom cover for my Platine Verdier; as a result my Allaerts cartridge has remained intact.

If all you have is a cheap 30 dollar MM, then who cares. If you have a 2500 dollar cart, then it's a really big deal.