Dust cap pushed in by kiddos... best home remedy?

Just picked up a pair of Totem Rainmakers one of the dust covers was pushed in by a kid. Yes I knew before I bought em and got a great deal on the pair. Great minis btw haven't played with mini monitors since the original B&W matrix 805's. I know its not supposed to change the sound but it drives me nutz to look at. Was thinking a small poke and pull (with a tiny mechanics device or something from Harbor Freight) but I wanted to ask bfor I screwed something up.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I find that painters tape tends to work very very well.
to rub the tape on to the bent up area, gently, and then pull off at an angle, which will cause the dome or dustcap to lift out, bit by bit... at the same time..and as the tape slowly pulls away and off. Both happen at the same time.

Move slowly. this method offers maximum control and action, action which can be terminated simply by stopping pulling. Changing tension, changing directions, and so on.

vacuums are rather uncontrollable and abrupt.
I have used a few ways to do this.
A good tape applied works well. Apply tape then scratch it down with your finger nail. Slightly hold down on the tape so that it won’t pull up, then pull at an angle, do not pull up and simply rip the tape off.

I have used a sticky putty. press lightly, the cone sticks and pulls right up.

The vaccum has not worked well for me.
In extreme circumstances, I have had to lift the dustcap and re glue it... Apply acetone around the glue of the cap, take a straight edge blade and slowly cut away allowing the acetone to eat the glue. Once It is up, clean up the glue area, straighten your cap and re glue it down.

I would pop it out with two pins.
When that happens you
need to suck it out fast 
i hate to say that    
Hi op, was curious how your dust caps came out, any update?