Dussun V8I vs. Seventies amps and receivers?

I have for years now run the gamut on Marantz, McIntosh , Pioneer....you get the drift. I am now condidering the Dussun V8I or V6I. Thoughts? Especially thoughts centered around build quality and performance. Any known issues with Korsun?
the dussun is a great value, but the above mentioned are classics for a reason....their performance is more than nostalgia.
I know I'm REALLY late to this party..but I've had a V8i for several years now and cannot say enough good about it. Brutally powerful, yet capable of amazing delicacy. HIGHLY recommended.
I have bought 2 Dussun V8i amplifiers to by-amp my rewired AR9 speakers. I have found it from China from the vendor Ornec.com for $998., while the Mark Levinson brand Red Rose sells it for $7,000. ! All you need is a 220v to 110 volt transformer.I use the LiteFuze converting box 2,000 from Bombay Electronics.
After some 200 to 300 hours, the amplifier really comes to life. I only use the amp section, as its an integrated amp with pre-amp. I also use an 8 gauge OFC cable.
This V8i , 80 pound amplifier is quite phenomenal. Plenty of air, wide sound stage (using the Meixing MingDa MC-2A3 Valve tube Pre Amp) and lots of bass.
I also highly recommend this amplifier! I have it in my system at the moment and it is really fantastic value for money! I have used it both as a power amp and as an integrated. Both were great.Build quality is just fantastic. Sound stage and bass were first class. Does need some time to burn in when new as stated by Citation16 - but once it has settled in you will be served by a fantastic sounding amp with plenty plenty of power! Highly recommended!
I have been using a Dussun V6i in my downstairs system for about a year now and have nothing but good things to say about it. It is driving PSB Stratus Golds. Sounds great with a number of different inputs. Build quality excellent, nice remote control. I got mine for $650. Much better deal than the Red Rose at $5000 plus.
I have had an ML-RR OEM Version Dussun V8i for eight months and think it is an amazing value. It is very powerful yet resolves low level detail surprisingly well. It is probably the best value new hi-fi purchase I have made in 45 years. I think it is a 230 volt version, but is rated suitable for 240 volt use, due to it's voltage tolerance. I use a 2000VA Variac to limit the voltage to no more than 240 V, because of the variable voltage of the mains supply here, as a precaution.
The preamplifier section is very good too, hi-end IMO, which makes it an even better value. I use Jena Labs Dussy Jumpers, as were recommended in Forums. I love the remote control too. There is no mute, but I use the remote to switch to an un-used input when changing records- more convenient than a mute switch.