Durand Kairos vs Reed 3P : listening impressions

I am on the lookout for a 2nd tone arm for my TW AC turntable. On the short list are a Durand Kairos and a Reed 3P, both in the same price zone and within my budget. An audition is not possible. The existing tone arm on the TW AC is a Durand Talea2. I have enjoyed every minute with the Takea2. I am looking for listening impressions or ownership experience. I have no interest in a which is better discussion because frankly that is completely subjective and meaningless at this level. The carts would be either a Lyra Atlas or an Etna. The last time I started a thread on a Graham Phantom vs Triplanar arm, I ended up with a Durand Talea2. Hence I am open to other suggestions.
Many thanks
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Check out Acoustical Systems Aquilar tonearm. It has replaced some of the best tonearms in systems I know. I have heard it and it was outright stunning. 
Thank you for all your responses.
A quick update. I snagged a barely used Durand Kairos. I now have 2 arms on my TW AC, a Durand Talea2 with a Ortofon A95 and a Durand Kairos with a Lyra Atlas. I am getting superior results with the Atlas on the Kairos than with the Talea2. Early days as I barely have 30 hours on the Kairos but this is a superb combo. It follows , at least in my set up and to my ears, the Kairos is a better arm than the Talea2. I never thought I would say that as I have had the Talea2 in my system for nearly 7 years
I have heard the Aquilar arm in KL. Very impressive but I am happy that I got a 2nd Durand arm