Durand Kairos vs Reed 3P : listening impressions

I am on the lookout for a 2nd tone arm for my TW AC turntable. On the short list are a Durand Kairos and a Reed 3P, both in the same price zone and within my budget. An audition is not possible. The existing tone arm on the TW AC is a Durand Talea2. I have enjoyed every minute with the Takea2. I am looking for listening impressions or ownership experience. I have no interest in a which is better discussion because frankly that is completely subjective and meaningless at this level. The carts would be either a Lyra Atlas or an Etna. The last time I started a thread on a Graham Phantom vs Triplanar arm, I ended up with a Durand Talea2. Hence I am open to other suggestions.
Many thanks
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Well as a Kairos owner I can certainly endorse it whole heartedly. I always admired the Talea but as it is no longer available purchased a Kairos to replace a Triplanar VII which it beat soundly (especially on control of the cartridge (an Air Tight PC-1) and coherency of sound at all volume levels and complexities

Somewhat off your question but seeing as you have the funds I'd very strongly recommend you audition the Durand weight on your table. Frankly this has been transformative on my EAR DiscMaster and while expensive for a weight it is quite astounding how it opens out the soundstage and allows you to pick apart every element of the recording. If you have not tried one do give it an audition. I see in your system photos you have a weight in some pictures but not sure which one(s) you have

Anyway back to your main question if you like the sound of the Talea I think you will love the Kairos
Many thanks folkfreak. I think you are preaching to the converted. I love the Talea2 which replaced a Triplanar Mk7. Completely agree that the Durand is several notches above the Triplanar.
i am hoping to snag a demo Kairos.
Would love to audition the Durand weight but with no dealer on the horizon that is unlikely.

Why not post young Mike Lavigne - I think he has had both - lucky man

I have experience with a Reed 2A (red cedar, 10.5") in my system and with a Talea2 in my neighbor's system.  The design espoused by these two companies is quite similar and both owe a lot to the Triplanar, save for the use of wood for an arm wand, now not a factor in the Kairos.  However, they do differ in that one uses a modified unipivot (Durand) and the other a gimbal type bearing.  My sense is and was that the two tonearms have a lot in common sonically and both are really excellent, assuming the Kairos is as good as the Talea.  I don't think you can go wrong in this choice, so spend the least amount of money, is my advice.

Because of the hoopla around the Durand record weight, I looked it up on their website.  Wow! $3500!!!!  I note that they use a sleeve, apparently made of teflon, that is sized to fit the spindle of one's particular turntable.  Seems to me that the teflon sleeve would effectively "shield" the weight itself from any energy transferred via the spindle/bearing to the weight, or at least reflect a great deal of the energy back into the spindle.  Then also, the weight is supported against the LP label by 3 tiny sapphire beads. Thus there is minimal contact between the LP and the weight, as well.  So, what good can the weight do? It's energetically shielded from its environment.  Not my $3500 cup of tea.