Duran Duran plumb new lows in Volume Wars

I have to vent some steam! This volume war thing is becoming absurd. I've been buying Duran CD's for many years (no comments please!), and their latest "Red Carpet Massacre" must be as close to the loudest a CD can get.

I listen to most of my CD's with the volume set at about the 10 o'clock position. Not only did I have to dive for the remote and drop it back to about the 8 o'clock position to save my hearing, but there is obvious distortion throughout the CD, including much of the drums and some terrible distortion on the vocals on track 5. I doubt it's deliberate (an effect), I think it's just a perfect example of mastering engineers wrecking a great digital medium.

There, I feel a bit better now.
Interesting, in their heyday Duran Duran had some of the best pop sound around. Rio was so slickly produced they were regarded as a 'teen commercial' band rather than artists. When they lost drummer Roger Taylor and bass John Taylor they hired Steve Ferrone to play drums and they produced another good sounding but harsher souding album in Notorious but it was the end of the famous energetic rhythmic Duran sound. Seven and the Ragged Tiger is a monument to audio engineering - even if you don't care for the music or struggling vocals.

In those days, audio engineers Trevor Horn, Alan Parsons and Peter Walsh competed to produce exceptional sounding material.

Duran used Colin Thurston (Human League and perhaps who started that whole 80's sound) and Alex Sadkin in their heydey....perhaps these geriatric stars have gone over to the ugly U2 raw sound started by Steve Lillywhite (producer of many extremely ugly sounding pop albums that were successful largely becuase of the way they sound raw on FM radio in a car)

Pretty much everything in the POP realm sounds positively disgusting these days....destroyed by compression. Re-masters usually sound worse than the originals. Even Toto's Grammy award winning sound gets the compressed harsh edgy modern treatment by Mastering Engineer Joseph M. Palmaccio on the "Essentials" compilation. Ironically some tin eared people with tin can stereos like all this distortion...
Maybe the engineers of today have suffered hearing loss but for what its worth I too enjoyed Notorious and my favorite Duran Duran was Big.
Kinda like stopping at The Olive Garden and complaining about the Italian cuisine. What can we expect from pop recordings? 99.999% of listeners need the volume boost to let them know the "music" is playing. All of pop culture today is one long, loud noise with no substance. Not even anything interesting buried in the noise, but it's what youth want (and expect) today. Oh yeah...don't forget to vote for Obama, kids! He's got energy!!!