Dupont Corian for Isolation

Hello, just wondering how Corian compares to MDF and other isolation materials. I am currently using a sandbox platform for my amps and pre and BDR #3's for the CDP. Which would benefit from more isolation? Thanks
Think it might be too ringy.Fremer tried reviwing a VPI on acrylic and complained it let vibes from motor go into rigid feet and think Corian is close in composition.When it comes down to these things most of the posts say stay away from glass,MDF,etc and for whatever resonace reason Maple does the trick best.But whatever you use it might change with use of feet.Think Mappleshade wires company makes their footers out of mapple with rubber.Sounds like a question for the boys over at audioasylum.Do a search over their with Corian as key word?
Mapleshade footers (IsoBlocks) are sandwiches of rubber and cork, not maple.
Corian is nothing like acrylic. It is more like synthetic stone. From what I understand, it actually converts vibration into heat. My only personal experience is with my speakers. I have a pair of Mirage MRM-1 Reference Monitors. The drivers are mounted into a Corian front baffle. Also, the factory stands have Corian bases, and are by far the most inert stands I've ever owned.
My experience with Corian has been to reduce the feedback and vibration inherent to a piece of furniture. I am restricted to certain formats due to being married. The racks that are designed for good stereo equipment is not in the cards. I have two big amps and a cd player and pre-amp that are sensitive to vibration and the Corian made a difference.
Now thats the ticket! A local Corian installer built a couple of these for me out of scraps he had left from many kitchen projects along with some smaller fully enclosed boxes I could fill with sand and uses as chassis dampeners for on top of gear. They worked brilliantly completely slaying all previously used footers, cones, etc.

The gear resting directly on its own feet on the "floating" sandbox platform was the way to go until I discovered BDR cones, pucks, etc. The BDR products combined with my sandboxes is sonic bliss. I have a cobination of Corian and BDR under everything these days. All the front-end gear sits in Target T2 racks where the Corian sandboxes replaced the nasty Target shelves.
When asked for TT shelf recommendations, Mike at VPI suggested that I place my turntable on top of a Corian shelf, the shelf then resting upon a flat sheet of bubble wrap (packing material). I haven't tried this yet, but I might. My present isolation base setup is "a bit" more elaborate & expensive than that, but it's worth a try esp. considering the simplicity & low cost.
I have Corian in my system. My Uncle, who does remodeling, so my speaker basses and me if I wanted him to make me speaker stands (with spikes) for my Maggy IIA'a and IIB's. I said sure, as long as they were black, and not only do they look great but are vibration free. Did you ever wonder what Kitchen remodelers do with those sink cut-outs?? Ask them and you might get them pretty cheap. My next trial is to use them with the bubble pack under my CDP.
Which bubble pack - the big or small bubbles?
Jp: Mike didn't say which bubble size to use & I didn't think to ask. It might not make much difference; try them both if you're so inclined & please report back if you preferred one. vs. the other.

Seeing you on several threads. I'm not moved yet and it will be some time before I do the new setup. I'll start with the small bubble stuff as it will look better.

Hi Joe: good point you have there. The smaller bubble size would hardly be noticable underneath the shelf.

So Eric you're back to #3's under the EAD now? I gonna try some titanium cones just for grins; still using #4's at the moment.