Greetings ! I just ran a couple of dedicated lines for the audio gear , I am going to use two receptacles per double gang box . I was thinking 0f using some higher end receptacles, Synergystic , Porter . furetech or ? perhaps mixing up two different ones in the same box, I can hook these up daisy chain fashion so it will be a unbroken line from breaker to duplex. I would appreciate any imput regarding your experience and of course some reccomendations
I use a Synergistic Teslaplex and a PS Audio Power Port. Unlike some other folks, I did not notice much of an audible improvement with high grade outlets. Still, I kept them for peace of mind.

One thing I like about both the Teslaplex and the Power Port is that they have a very firm grip, which is useful with heavy power cords.

I use Oyaide R1 and am a sceptic all the way.....but they really do work. Hate the Dark Arts of all this. Blacker background, bit more open.

I always like to use an upgrade from standard outlets for good measure and a better grip on the power cable.

Generally I do not expect reveletory changes in performance from a duplex upgrade.

I recently replaced a mid level outlet which shall remain nameless in my reference system with the Furutech GTX combo including the wall plate, GTX-D (g) outlet and carbon fiber outlet cover and there was definately an audible improvement incl improvement in tone colors, vividness and blacker background.

Going forward when designing reference systems for myself or clients, they will always include the Furutech GTX-D with wall plate.
I have 2 dedicated 20 amp lines for my system. There are 2 sets of duplex outlets per box. I was using Hubble hospital grade outlets I had bought from a local electrical supply store and thought everything was good. On a whim, I bought 4 Shunyata duplex outlets and I was amazed at the difference. The entire system sounded clearer. I was so impressed, I went with all Shunyata power cords, a Hydra and Guardian power conditioner. It was the finishing pieces to a great sounding system. Money well spent.

I as well ran dedicated line and used hubble hospital grade duplex receptacles. Better grip on the plug was my excuse.