duo's vs trios

I have a 20 x 25 room a Burmester 956 200w amp, nbs cables, meridian 506.20 cd and a z sustem rdp. Will the trios be confined in that size room. What trade off's will I get between the two. I like lots of good music, not much classical mainly rock, alternative female rock, live cd's and listen to realistic sound levels. (nice way of saying loud) Played in rock bands in college and love the feel of the music. I love my electrostats but they run out of juice at hi end. Nothing else I have bought have replaced my electrostats only the revel salon was ever considered. I have a pair of german physiks borderland speakers which are very fine speakers and play very loud but I still love my electrostats. Should I belive in what some say, they dont listen to my music in their reviews. and do I need to replace my amp with flea 50W tube amp. I love my burmester also and it sounds too good to replace and looks cool to. All help appreciated
Bigger is better!
The trios like a big room, but yours might work just fine. Ideally you want to be about 10 feet from the front of the speakers, and you want some space behind your listening position as well. The Classic version with the arched layout requires even further distance to the listener for good integration. You can be closer to the Duo, but then it doesn't sound as good.

As far as your amp goes, it depends on how quiet it is. With the trios you'll easily hear noise you didn't know existed. You will not want to get the new higher sensitivity trio for sure. I have some 80 watt amps that work very nicely with it but I get plenty volume from 3.5 watt amps too. I had to replace my preamp with a passive unit to get rid of hiss...I didn't need a preamp with gain anymore.