Duntech Viscount

Anyone have info or experiences with the Duntech Viscounts that they can share? Discontinued floorstanding 2-ways I believe. Would love to know their spec's, etc., Duntech were unable to help via email.
Audio magazine annual directory issue of October, 1990:
Two 8 inch woofers, One dome tweeter. Closed box (no port).
Called PCL-200 model by Duntech. (Presume use of D'Appolito configuration routinely favored by the designer, John Dunlavy.)
45Hz - 20 KHz (+/- not specified). Bass in a room subjectfully much deeper than implied by the specs as attested by this long term owner of Duntech monitors using two even smaller woofers.
93dB efficient, with 50 watts per channel minimum recommended.
Crossover frequency 500 Hz
Impedence 4 Ohms
Weight per speaker 85 lbs, and oak wood construction.
List price $2,500 per pair.
Almost forgot to inquire whether you have located a pair for sale. Duntech was known primarily for their very tall, more imposing, floor-standing speakers. Still, these smaller, four feet tall speakers represent their brand name proudly.

Just got a a pair second hand in lovely condition , very accurate sound stage , does need a powerful amp though i would recommend 150wpc or greater to take control plus a sub woofer to flesh out the low end and your one happy camper , REL T series sub will fit the bill nicely depending on room size . I am a big fan of both REL and JM ACOUSTICS sub woofers.
Congratulations on your find.
Which sub did you decide to use and where in your room is it placed to provide the low end extension that blends unobtrusively?
Hi Listener57
It's been over a year now and am just getting on with the sub woofer for the Duntech Viscount , this was due to both my parents passing away in the past 12 months due to illness.
At this stage i will be going for the M.J.Acoustics Pro -50Mk2
One for each channel, very similar in sound to the Rel T series i auditioned at the time of purchasing the Duntechs.
The Duntech Viscount is a very accurate monitor 4ohm 500w design , just needs the low end fleshed and for them to sound right. Will report back soon as i should have them by the 17th of this month and once again sorry for the delayed reply.
Duntech power needs -

I owned Duntech Princesses for 19 years. During that time I had the chance to try many amps, both tube and SS. Clean power was the key.

The Duntechs were deceiving because of their 90 dB rating. The crossover in Duntech models is quite complex due to the time/phase coherency design. Upon seeing the crossover board for the Princess, a friend commented that all it needed was a power line and transformer and it could serve as an amp! Also, the impedance dipped below 3 ohms at two different frequencies. Small amps need not apply.

Among the best results I experienced with my Duntechs was passively bi-amping (all that was possible with stock crossover) with pairs of VTL 225 monos (mid/tweet) and VTL 300 (bass) amps. It sounded wonderful but with 32 output tubes created too much heat for my room. The ultimate answer was a pair of Halo JC-1 monos rated at 800 watts into 4 ohms. Then I experienced full range, dynamic, and effortless sound. Oh yes, musical too.
Hi Guys
Have gone with a Rel-R305 for now ,sounds great and may look to add asecond identical Rel at a later stage.