Duntech Soverign 2001 owners

Recently I acquired the first series (no biamping) w/o grills and hope that owners can send me pictures of the grill from different angles (and possibly measurements) so that I can build them (Duntech Australia has no spares).

Furthermore, can the owners tell me what has worked best for decoupling under the base?

Which other mods works?

Lastly, for those who once owned these heavy weights, to which speakers have you moved on to?

Thanks in advance!
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Jazzonthehudson, John Dunlavy never believed in anything under the speakers. At the time there was nothing that could stand their weight. I would think the StillPoints Ultra Fives would be outstanding under them.

There have been some crossover mods which you can find on Google.

I had two pair of the Sovereigns as there were some changes from the originals. Since then I have had probably 10 different speakers. Presently I have the BMC Arcadias which you can see at A Audio Imports we page. What I found most off-putting of the Sovereigns is their weight when my listening room changed to the second floor.

The later Duntechs were never the equal of the Sovereigns, but tweeters and even bass drivers have improve since those days.