Duntech DL-15 speakers

I recently acquired a pair of Duntech DL-15 speakers from a local Goodwill. I was looking for any basic or technical information that might be available from the individual or collective knowledge base of this forum. Thanks!
You should contact Duntech in Australia, they should be able to help, may even maintain replacement drivers for your serial numbers (they did for my old Princesses when I needed to replace the tweeters). I'm not familiar with Duntech's DL series, only have experience with the PCL series.
I contacted Duntech, but they were not familiar with the DL series and had no information on the DL-15's. However, I tracked down a review of the speakers in the August 1976 issue of Audio which I obtained from Roger Russell (excellent website). The review reinforced some of my observations and provided some interesting tidbits (1976 price $449/each, frequency response 27-20,000 +/-3dB,etc). I am enjoying the speakers and will tinker with placement to get the best sound.

I have had a pair of DL-15's for some time, about 10 years or so. I aquired them from the original owner but i believe they were made by mr dunlavy before he sold duntech to the australian firm that owns it now. I have the original documentation for the speakers and they state that a placement of 8 feet is optimal with 6-12 inch clearance from the wall with 12 feet of space to the back wall. I can attest to this. Specially since i have had to do two full restorations on each of these speaker as neither was in the greatest of condition. If i can get a scanner I will try and scan the manual.

Thanks for the info, though I would be hardpressed to position the speakers as recommended. I am satisfied with their performance even in suboptimal placement. If you manage to scan the manual, please let me know. I would be interested to see the document. Thanks again,