Has anyone listened to Duntech speakers?Especially the Sovereign?Why don't we get much publicity about them??
The Sovereigns are now some great old classics IMO, but they're so huge & heavy (not to mention they cost a small fortune new) that they're hardly mainstream. We used to be in awe of these 375 lb. monsters at the CES demo's; when driven by Spectral electronics they were typically amazing. I've heard the Crown Princes & Black Knights as well; these are actually affordable & smaller-enough that they can be handled without a forklift.
You may be aware of Dunlavy's line, which are US born by Mr. John Dunlavy himself. Haven't heard any of these, but many people really like his speakers, although the designer himself has raised quite a controversy or two over the years...
So are the Duntechs now a bit outdated?Are their technology a bit old??I don't think they are too expensive..the Sovereign was around 12 000 $ and that is a good price for such a speaker..
They are among the classic cone driver designs. The older ones work better with solid state than tubes (I feel the opposite about Dunlavy designs), as they have a warm balance in the midrange and, in the case of the Sovereigns, need a lot of power to control their woofers or else they can sound slow and thick in the deep bass. You need a large room, as you have to sit back at least 10 feet to get them to blend all those drivers best. I would not call them outdated at all; they're well-designed, and are among the best speakers out there at conveying the soul of the music when properly set up and driven.
What do they cost today?
I had once asked..I had got the prices..They were asking 10 000 USA $ for the Sovereign and in my eyes that makes the Sovereign a bargain killer..but the shipment cost is born by the buyer..so you have to add the shipment from Australia but again 10 000 $ for Sovereign is a really good price!!!when you see that the Watt-Puppies are sold for 22 000 ..then 10 000 for Sovereign is nothing....The Prince must be about 8000 $...
That price shows what a mark-up the distributor takes (although remember the customs duties as well as the shipping costs), as the last price I recall in the US for the Sovereigns was in the $20,000+ range, and the Princesses (which I bought for $7700 list in 1987) were over $11,000. Duntech made some new designs after John Dunlavy left--one, called the Prince (LOVE the name) looked like the Dynaudio Temptations and listed in the $15,000+ range, I believe, though factory direct they should be far less. Much less wide than the Sovereigns, as they used multiple 8 or 10 inch drivers instead of the bigger 12 inch bass drivers of the Sovereigns.

As a note, when Harry Pearson reviewed the Sovereigns for TAS in the late 80s/early 90s, he gave what the market perceived as a lukewarm review (liked certain things about them but felt the design needed to be updated which, as turned out, Dunlavy himself did with his SC-V), and a whole slew of Sovereigns turned up on the used market in the AudioMart publication shortly thereafter for as low as $4000. If you match them with the right amplifiers in the right room, they can be quite competitive with modern designs, and that price they'd be a steal.
You don't have to use the distributor..if you really want the Duntech's the company sells them to you directly..all you have to do is pay the shipment cost..I am in UK ;so the Sovereign would cost around 12 000 $ to me ..(if you think 2000$ for shipment).a great deal....
I just got hold of Duntech-The Baron. can someone tell me how much they originally cost. Thanks
By the way how much do the Duntech BARON cost today. Thanks