Dunlavys for HT

I am building HT room-Thinking of going with SC-5 for main speakers (room 17'Wx30'L)-any thoughts and what to use as center and surrounds-also using svsb4 sub-thanks
Common Sense says matching SC's all around. If you have a monitor, you must do SCIav, SMI or Reference center and such. If you had a perf screen/projector set up, you might be able to get away with a larger Dun behind the screen.
Other rears I've found to be excellent matches (if you must) with the Dun's for rears are the "similar-sounding"(if not quite as refined) excellent M&K SS150 tripole surrounds! These will work if you need "mulit-polar" speakers nicely.
Overall, the Dun's should make excellent HT speakers if mated with the right gear for certain. Although, remember if you blow drivers you'll not be able to get matching drivers like they used to do!(within dunlavy's specs)
Good luck
I use SC-4a speakers as my front mains and Dunlavy CC-2 as my center. They share the same tweeter and midrange. Both are 91db and this works particularly well for a multi channel SACD setup. Still have KEF rears, but probably will swithch to SC-2as when they show up at a good price.
Dunlavy WL1 are outstanding matches for the SC-Vs. I use one for the front going horizontal with the rears being vertical. They have a large "face print," but are shallow off the wall. They have a surprisingly good low end for the speaker's appearance. The tweeter and the mid-woofs are the same as the SC-Vs.
Also, don't put much stock in Dunlavy's matched driver replacement via serial number. If they did such a great job retaining data for replacements, they wouldn't have sent me a pair of the completely wrong midrange drivers when I needed replacements. Dunlavys are still great speakers, though. Just don't believe everything you hear (or have heard)about their replacement procedures.

Best Regards, Aaron
I used the SCIIIs for the front two, SCIs for center and
two rear and an SCIV sub. The Dunlavy signiture speakers
all speak with one voice, so mixing is really not a problem.
I also have a pair of SC-Vs for my reference two channel system in another room. I'm continually amazed at how far
a system can be taken with these spekers. Faster, wider,deeper...however you slice it, these speakers deliver.