Dunlavy Y or Revel Studio for jazz/rock-fusion?

With $6000 to spend on a pair of speakers i am asking Audiogoners to help me decide which speaker should i go for.I listen mostly to jazz rock,fusion,some classic hard rock and a bit of Brazilian.My amp is Pass x250,5.Thanks for your help.
I'd choose the Dunlavy V's.
I'd choose the Revel Studio's, and did!
I have the Dunlavy IVA's and they are superb. The Dunlavy's are an ageless design with a reputation for performance far exceeding their cost. They are also relativley easy to drive (91 dB). If you have the room then go for it.
In the 35 years in this hobby, I've never heard anything come closer to real music than the Dunlavy line of speakers. They are 'big' and do best in a big room. That said; they are typically the last speaker purchase for many audiophiles.
Dunlavy V's. No contest!! Brauser said it all.
I've been using Dunlavy Alethas for 5 years running and I am totally happy with them. They are the best purchase I've ever in made in hi-fi. If you can find them or the Cantatas, these later designs managed to be even slightly flatter in response than the older models (35-20kHz +/-1 dB I believe).

If you're a bass freak, then get a IVa or a V. The Alethas/Cantatas are hyper-accurate but won't play as loudly.

Your Pass gear will be a great match for any Dunlavy speaker. But be warned that the Dunlavys are so good that you will actually be able to upgrade your amplifier and immediately hear an improvement. I know it seems impossible, but it's true.

there are a only a handfull of 'destination' speakers at any price. those that make you turn your back on all the bs and just enjoy music and finally believe that upgrades are for others, and not you. dunlavy's are in that timeless group.