Dunlavy VI Crossover Upgrades

I'd like to upgrade the crossover network on my Dunlavy VI speakers. I can't seem to get the back panel off the speaker. Has anyone out there done this successfully? I am seeking advice on how to get the back panel where the binding posts are, off, to access the crossover.

Also interested in opinions about what capacitors to use (Audionote, Auricap, Hovland, Sonicaps).
I had SC4's in the past...And I did many mods..The crossovers on all the Dunlavy speakers that I ever saw and sold, including VI, the crossovers were bolted to the back panels and could be unscrewed and slide out the back. AS I wrote before the biggest single improvement in most speakers would be to replace the resistors...FIRST...The North Creek's are far and away the best...Almost..regardless of money..There are so many ways to improve this speaker..Tom
Thanks for the input. ARe the rear panels the crossover is bolted to "glued" and screwed to the speaker back panels? I can't seem to budge this one.
Yes they are air tight. You need to coax them out, there is an acoustic seal..Tom
Dear Kustoff,

I want to upgrade my Dunlavy SC-VI crossovers. Have you been able to the resistors/capacitors values? crossover schematics? did you upgrade yours?
I know it is risky, but I may try.
On every Dunlavy speaker I have been inside of, the values were marked on the components, even remember a couple of inductors marked with a sticky label. The crossover and terminal plate unscrew from the bottom back and slide out on a serving tray. Tom