Dunlavy V replacement drivers

I am considering buying a pair of these speakers. I have read here that replacement drivers are still available but I was wondering exactly where these drivers are available at?
Madisound. Look here and call them.

I see you are a keeper of the faith...How do you like your Dunlavy SC-IVa's? I love mine. If I had the room I go for V's or VI's.

Buy them. They will be a bargain and--if you have room for them to breath--will astound you.
I really love my IV-A's.....I was on the fence about them for awhile, I had N802's prior so there was an adjustment period for me. I think now I'll always have them, I may own other speakers as well but the Dun's are staying. They can be downright magical.
Somewhere I read that a dealer in Des Moines IA bought the parts from Dunlavy. Audio Video Loogic comes to mind. If you contact them please post results.
C-151 ... yes, RJA is right, it's Audio-Video Logic in Des Moines, and they should be able to help. Check their web site for more info. I've purchased Martin Logans, Pass Labs, and Audio Research from them in the past, and they've always been good to work with. Buy the Dunlavys if you've got the room for them ... you won't be disappointed. Good luck.
I wouldn't trade my athenas for anything. If the audio world was anything like the rest of the world the value of such a quality product should have sored once the supply was cut off instead of dropping like a rock as was the case with the Dunlavy's.

I don't get the worry over drivers that a lot of folks expres. Outside of clipping an underpowered amp, way overpowering the speakers with a cheap distortion laden amp or physical abuse the drivers should last forever (or at least a good long time). There are plenty of 1950's and early 1960's fender and marshall guitar amps out there that have been pommelled for years and still have original speakers in them.

Don't worry, just buy em.
Hey I checked with Audio-Video Logic in Des Moines and they said that they used to have Dunlavy drivers but have now sold out and they pointed me towards www.madisound.com Thanks for the help guys.