Dunlavy V bi-amp

Is anyone horizontally biamping their Dunlavy V's? I'd like to use my Bryston 7st's to power the woofers and was wondering if anyone could recommend an amp to drive the upper frequency drivers, tube or solid state.
I have used XA160s on the top with a X250 for the bottom end on my SC-Vs. The X250 has a bit more gain, so I used single ended for the bottom end (X250) and balanced (XA160) for the top end. Not as exact of volume matching as other methods, but it got it in the range I was looking for. If I use balanced on both, it starts to sound boomy and bass heavy. Fortunately, my preamp (X0.2) has two sets of balanced outs and two sets of single ended, so experimentation was easy. I currently have the X250 in an office system, as I felt the XA160s did a fine job by themselves. Unless you have a quality external crossover, or have a multitude of amps, I have found it usually to be better to use one high quality stereo amp (or mono blocks) instead of two OK stereo ones. Best Regards,