Dunlavy Support ?

We have a pair of Dunlavy II speakers with the tweeters out. Does anyone have contact information for product support by Dunlavy? Thank you very much.

Kurt @ Echo Audio
believe all the remaining Dunlavy parts were purchased by
Audio-Video Logic in Iowa

I had a tweeter blow out in one of my Dunlavy VIs a few months ago. I also called Audio-Video Logic. Very nice people but they told me all remaining parts were being held for customers who had purchased Dunlavy Speakers from them after Audio-Video Logic had bought out Dunlavy's remaining inventory. He directed me to "Madisound" in Wisconsin. They had the Vifa tweeters I needed and the price was very reasonable. Their website is at: madisound.com.
I replaced both tweeters very easily. Good as new.
Before I purchased my Dunlavy SC-V signatures, I contacted their national sales mgr, or, used to be. he directed me to Madisound in Madison WI. You could also contact Speakercity.com for the parts you need from Vifa. I must say I was pleasently suprised at replacement parts costs!
Thank you for your information. I was able to purchase two new tweeters for the SC-II speakers from Audio Video Logic. They were very helpful.