Dunlavy Speakers SC-III vs. SC IV

I can not find all the stats and details on the Dunlavy SC-III and the SC-IV.

Need comparison on the two................ I know one has bigger speakers but what is the real difference between the two............. thanks.............
The III's have dual 7' woofers, while the IV's have dual 10" woofers. The IV's therefore have deeper bass and higher peak loudness. The midrange drivers and tweeter are identical.

Both are 6 ft. tall, the III's being reasonably thin, and IV's being pretty darn big. The III's weigh 80 lbs. each, while the IV's weigh 180 lbs. each.

I owned III's for five years.
I'll add to Raquel's fine post that if you listen principally to music without bass content below 40 hz (think rock and jazz, smaller classical ensembles), and/or you have a smaller room, you might like the IIIs better, they can sound a little cleaner because of their lack of deep bass and faster woofers, and they cause a little less in the way of room interface problems.
In general, the SC-III and SC-IV are very similar in sound, i.e., they both exhibit a similar sonic character and presentation. The most significant difference is that the SC-4 has more bass extension and will, therefore, reproduce the music's foundation better. Surprisingly, both systems are relatively easy to place in larger rooms with minimal bass anomalies.

The Dunlavy SC-III are quote nice inexpensive and not demanding speakers, nowadays you should get if for under @1K and they will do fine. The SC-IV were very faulty, run form them like from hell. They used very wrong bass drivers (too high Fs) and at the result the SC-IV had very wrong bass. In the SC-IVA model Dunlavy fixed it using more appropriate bass drivers.