Dunlavy SM-IIa - Experiences?

Years ago I had a pair of Dunlavy SM-1 which I stupidly sold. Many monitors since and i still miss that sound. The SM-1s are nearly impossible to come by, but I've been in contact with a gentleman here with NOS Dunlavy SC-IIa. He is selling them for $900 each. Does anyone have any experience with these monitors? Are there any differences between the speakers John sold and these that were post John? I listen to alot of acoustic music and female vocals. Any suggestions for current models that compare soundwise to the Dunlavys? Thanks in advance for your comments.
I'm pretty sure that the SC-IIa is NOT a monitor. They are pretty tall and deep.
If you have to go with floorstanding speakers, since the monitors are not readily available, you might consider Dunlavy SC-III's which are a 3-way, 5 driver tower the same size as the SC-IIa, which is a six foot tall, 3 way, 3 driver tower. Improved frequency range and response in the SC-III's which are often sold on Audiogon for around $1500 a pair, used.
Thanks for the feedback...the guy sent me the specs and a pic of the SC-IIa and it is indeed a monitor. The dimensions and driver array are identical to the SM-1s. I am just concerned about spending $1800 on a 7 year old speaker. I sold my SM-1s for the blue book value of $1000. Anyone heard anything that compares to the Dunlavys...clean, fast etc?
This is really weird. The picture and info I found, (see links below) say the SC-II(a) is a floor stander?


Sorry that first link is wrong.

Hi Mofi...I think htere was a misunderstanding on my part. The model number is actually SC-2a...not SC-IIa. Still not alot of info out there about them.
The SCIIa (SC2a) is essentially an SM-1 with more options on finish.

The model designation change came to avoid confusion between the SC1 and SM1.
Since the SM1 uses the same drivers as the SC2 it was the logical progression to call it SC2a.
I've spent years looking for a current model that sounds even similar to the Dunlavy's.
Solution......... I still own Dunlavys.