Dunlavy SCIV 10

Hi all,

This is my first thread,please bear with me.

I have to replace the woofers for my Dunlavy SCIV, it is a Morel 10" woofer, model name is not written on the drivers, but "Double Magnet 75mm Hexatech Aluminium Voice Coil - Made in England" is written on the magnet. I have looked around and could not find the same driver.

Anybody can help me out on what to do?

Rush1, are your speakers SC-IV rather than SC-IVa? That might account for the confusion regarding the Morel woofers. I'm not as familiar with the DAL as the Duntech models but I believe Dunlavy made some major changes with the IVa which could have included driver source.

That dealer in Iowa would likely know, unless the poor guy is too busy bailing out the water. 8^(
Yes Pryso, mine is the SCIV, one of the earlier production of that model. I was surprised too that the drivers are Morel, since in many of the writings I read the drivers are Vifa.

But my tweet and midranges are Vifa I believe. I think Audio Video Logic is was the shop where I bought mine at. I really hope they are ok. Did try to email them but haven't got any reply yet.

Thanks Pryso.

Dunlavy used Morel for a bit then he switched to Vifa, then finally switched to Scanspeak.
Hi Tony 007,

Thank you for your clarification mate. Are you very familiar with Dunlavy? I just wonder if I do have to change my Morel to ScanSpeak does anybody have the diagram for the passive? Is there more modification needed for the enclosure?

Rush1, as discussed previously, John Dunlavy's designs required careful tuning of the crossovers to match individual drivers. This was important, in part, to maintain time/phase which he considered so critical. The matching was needed within a given driver model from one manufacturer, let alone when changing from Morel to Vifa or Scanspeak.

I cannot imagine it would be too difficult to mount Scanspeak drivers in your cabinets but it would also require a rebuild for your crossovers. Because of the matching requirements, I don't believe the crossover diagram for the Scanspeak version will get you all the way home. So again, I'll suggest you look into having your Morel drivers repaired. And as I also said, Miller Sound would be a top recommendation for that task.

Good luck.