Dunlavy SCIII

Hello there,
well I am back with more trouble on my speakers. I have four SCIII and 1 SM1. After redoing the HT room, I was attempting to refocus my two front channels. After two hours of adjustments I discovered that the left speaker was down on total output. The image could only be centered if I increased the volume of my left speaker by 20%. So I loaded my trusted Stereophile calibration disk and mapped frequency response for both of them. The left differs from the right in the 63 and 80 Hz region (-8db) and in the 3.15k to 20k region (-5db). Additionaly, both speakers sounded as if there was tweeter damage at 16 to 20K (a lot of crackling, not a smooth response). Do I have tweeter damage on both? Do I have a croossover problem? Can you help me troubleshoot this problem? How do I isolate the amp from the cables from the crossover from the tweeters? I really really would appreciate your guidance.
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the difference in response is likely due to room mode differentiation from where they are located. Probably not a speaker problem. Try switching their locations and see.
The other problem could be tweeter damage. Dun's are easy to blow tweet's on. I know, I sold em for years
Try the other two up front and see if you get similar results.
Mine are very sensitive to their room location as well. I have to set them up before I listen every time because of my 3 yr old (I just put them against the wall). Anyway, I get similar results (left channel is stronger) and it takes a while to set them in optimum position otherwise you get frequency imbalance.