dunlavy sc4 vs. Vandersteen 4 speakers

Can anyone who has had experience with both these speakers please provide feedback on the differences sound and overall enjoyment of each of these speakers.

Keep in mind I'm speaking of the 1st model Dunlavy SC4's not the 4a's
And the Vandersteen model 4's(the ones with the dual 12inch woofers)not the Quattro's
I forgot the Model 4's even existed. They're pretty old. I can't say for sure, but it wouldn't suprise me if the current Model 2 could outperform the old 4. The only person I would trust for information like this, is John from Audio Connection. When it comes to Vandersteen, he's the best. If he sees this thread, he'll most likely give you his opinion on this matter. I'm not familiar with the SC4, so its not something I can comment on,
The Dunlavy(s) are much more directional than the Vandersteen(s). In the sweet seat, the SC-4(s) will outperform the Model 4(s) hands down as far as imaging, tight bass extension and depth. If you are looking for a 'whole room' experience the Vandersteen(s) are much better at keeping a balanced stereo projection over a wider area.

I've spent time with both lines of speakers and this seems to be true pretty much across the board. Keep in mind, also, that the Dunlavy(s) have been out of production for a long time now. The drivers do need to be and can be replaced from time-to-time.

Overall, both speakers are 'winners' in my opinion and it really comes down to how the speakers will be used.
Braised, what do you mean by whole room experience? I normally don't sit in the sweet seat. I more of the turn on the music and listen as I cook , clean, etc. I'm typically moving around while listening. Also I hear that the woofers in the Vandersteens are out of production. However Vandersteen is still around and therefore getting help may be a little easier?
By 'whole room experience', I mean that the Vandersteen design concept is one of having a fairly wide dispersion pattern coming from each speaker. This results in a similar listening experience whether you are centered between the speakers or off to one side or the other. You can also be closer or further away from the speakers and changes will be a lot less dramatic than doing the same types of things with the Dunlavy design. It sounds like you are going to be doing a lot of things other than just sitting down to do what many of us call 'critical listening'. As such, I think you would be happier with the Vandersteen(s). I'm a big Dunlavy fan, but it doesn't sound like the SC-IVs match up too well with your application.