Dunlavy SC V with VAC Ren. 140/140?

Does anyone have experience running Dunlavy SC V's (or VI's) with VAC Ren. 140/140? If yes, with what speaker cables? Thanks.
Well, I can't answer your question directly but after living with the SC-V(s) for a couple of years I find a couple of things to be true. 1st is that the V(s) are capable of just amazing tight deep bass if coupled with quality high current amps. I've tried various cable products and have found the Audio Magic Sorceror to work very nicely with my Audio Research electronics. Hope this helps!
I haven't used that exact combination, but I did have a pair of SC-IV's that I was driving with a VAC Renaissance 70/70 Mk II. I had the most success using Wireworld Gold Eclipse speaker cables. TARA Decade's were also not a bad match.
I am using synergistic reference cables with the V's and the Wolcott amps. Excellent sound. Are the 140's powerful enough? What other amps have you auditioned.
Okay. Well does anyone out there have experience running VAC Renaissance amps, be it the 70/70 or the 140's, with any Dunlavy speakers? Ideally, I would run the SC-5's with monoblock 140's.