Dunlavy SC-V and Accuphase

Hello folks, can anyone tell me if the Accuphase A-50V power amplifier (2x50 W class A) would be a good match for Dunlavy SC-V's? Thx in advance.
I would imagine it depends on the music you listen to and the volume levels. I haven't heard it on Dunlavys, but I've heard that amp at my dealer's driving the Dynaudio Temptations with ease. You may not get the last decibels on orchestral climaxes that another more powerful amp can deliver, but it sure is a nice sounding amp. By the way, if it is a true Class A design, it probably puts out about 100wpc into the Dunlavys (I think they are a 4-ohm load), which is their recommended minimum power, I think.
Hi, I currently have a pair of SC-V and other speakers. My SC-V are 1 of 12 pr made with Dome mids..Anyway...Im driving them with Rowland model 9's with bps...These benched tested at 550 watts@8ohms at Rowland....So Im thinking 1kw @4ohms which the SC-V is 4ohm. In a 20x30x8 room, they want more power! Im just outside Chicago , so I get out quite often to catch live jazz, unamplified....System: ARC Ref2 mk1, Accuphase DP-75V, All plumbed with Purist Audio Proteous......
I had the SC-IV's that I ran with a Krell KSA-50S amp (2x50 W class A). It sounded good to me, but I was told over and over that I needed more power for them to really sing dynamically. Since the SC-V's are even bigger, it might not hurt to try. If you could get an identical amp, use one for the right side and the other for the left. Run the full signal from each channel of each amp to the highs and lows respectively. I guess that's a combo of bi-wiring and bi-amping and separating the amps so that you sort of have two mono amps.
I have heard the SC-V's with a 300W/ch stereo amp, 350 watt monoblocks, 600W/ch stereo, and 1000W mono's. The SC-V's sounded great with all of them. Since each amp was progressively higher quality in itself, it would be difficult to attribute the better sound with each increment to the additional power. The additional power did make for wider dynamic range, better dynamic contrast.

I'd be pretty hestitent to drive these speakers with less than 200W/ch if you expect to have any dynamic contrast at realistic listening levels. I also think that the SC-V's can only be used in medium to large rooms, which means you need to consume a certain amount of power just to achieve that base listening level. Then you'd need three times that in reserve for peaks.

These speakers are very efficient, but large. I doubt they would work well in a small room with a small amp. The SC-IVa's, or III's would be better suited to smaller rooms.
I had the 5's for a couple of years and had a hard time getting the sound right. A large well damped room is a must for these monsters or they will sound bright and boomy. Merge03 is correct about getting the most power to drive them. At the very least 250 watts of refined power is a must.
Dazzdax, I am using the A-50V to drive a pair of B&W Nautilus 800's - by no means a small speaker. The amp runs in pure Class A up to 50W/channel on 8 Ohms and will deliver another 250W++ in A/B mode. Despite its 50W plate, this amp is a powerhouse. It features digital output indicators and at normal listening levels, they stay well below 1W in my 24'x 12' room. We had a party the other day and people were dancing on the terrace with the sound coming from the living room! Indicators were in the 400w range and the amp did not even flinch.

More relevant than the absolute wattage is how the amp responds to the speakers' varying impedance load across the frequency spectrum. The A-50V will put out close to 1000W/channel under 2 Ohms. Its transformer is designed to carry such loads comfortably. Most of all, this piece will retain its liquid musicality and absolute control throughout such ordeals. Believe me, you will not be able to endure the volume levels that this piece can produce in a normal-size room. Best you take it for a spin if you have the chance.

Good luck in your decision, Andreas