Dunlavy SC-IV v B&W Nautilus 802's

I interested in upgrading my speakers to more music friendly ones. Presently I am using home theater speakers (Atlantic Tech 350 system) I am looking at Dunlavy SC-IVa's and B&W Nautilus 802's. My front end is a Sony 7000 dvd/cd player and am using Aragon amps (8008bb to run mains and 8008x3 for center and rears) I have an EAD Theatermaster Encore pre/pro. My cables and interconnects are XLO ER line. I am concerned that if I choose bright speakers with this system I may get myself in trouble. I would appreciate some advise.
I may suggest that the best speaker is the one that is most pleasing to its listener, you. Also which one that performs best with the electronics you have it matched with. In the comparative price range you are discussing, I might suggest you audition the Dynaudio Contour 3.3's. I have owned Wilson Watt Puppies, Beverage Model V's, Vandersteen Model Iv's, just to name a few. Currently I own a pair of Duntech Sovereigns. That is without question my first choice. If you are experiencing some brightness, I might suggest a different interconnect. I have been an XLO fan for years, but they are bright in some applications. I currently am using the Magnan Signature XLR. I hope these suggestions help, Good Luck.
I would personally pick the SC-IV over the N802. DAL are amp friendly while the N802 are power hungry and need to playde very loud. I heard the N801 and 802 powered w/ Levinson stuff and when played at moderate levels, the soundstage collapsedl like an earthquake just happened. Furthermore, the N802 does not convey music as will the SC-IV does. All the N801 & 802 just plays loud. Nothing but loud. The SC-IV handles well regardless being played loud or at low levels. Imaging, soundstage, image HEIGHT and coherency of the sound is first rate with the SC-IV. If you want huge soundstage and life like performances, then look no further than the SC-IV and the IVa speakers. Scrap those British boxes!!!!!