Dunlavy SC-IV v B&W Nautilus 802's

I interested in upgrading my speakers to more music friendly ones. Presently I am using home theater speakers (Atlantic Tech 350 system) I am looking at Dunlavy SC-IVa's and B&W Nautilus 802's. My front end is a Sony 7000 dvd/cd player and am using Aragon amps (8008bb to run mains and 8008x3 for center and rears) I have an EAD Theatermaster Encore pre/pro. My cables and interconnects are XLO ER line. I am concerned that if I choose bright speakers with this system I may get myself in trouble. I would appreciate some advise.
I have heard both extensively. The B&W's are far better and friendlier speakers to position and imo to listen to. I would not consider the B&W's bright if driven with a good amp. The Dunlavy's are accurate but on the dull side. Just my opinion of course.
Scrap both of these speakers, and try proac 2.5. My opinion is they kick the crap out of these two, and if you can afford the 3.8 it won't even be a contest.
I previously owned a pair of SCIV's and now own Nautilus 801's. If your room is not well damped (i.e. u have echo flutter problems), then the Dunlavy's might sound a little bright. The B&W's have a very smooth treble response and should not sound bright unless your front end is bright. But the most surprising difference between these speakers is that the B&W's image better than the Dunlavy's. Personaly I would take the 802's over the SCIVa's, there a lot nicer looking too! Although you can't go wrong either way. FYI, when I was looking at the SCIV's a couple a years back I also listened to the Pro-AC 2.5's and all they did sound good, the Dunlavy's trounced them in every aspect of performance so it's quite obvious that Mimorino has never listened to either the 4a or the 802 (at least not properly setup).
I too just sold a Pair of SCIV's that I owned since 97' with crossover rev. 3. The Nautilus 801's are much better in all respects sonically. Especially Realism!!! The Dunlavy's are detail & resolution limited due to the drivers and cabinetry. The image focus & spatial deliniation is also much better on the B&W's assuming a proper set-up with both systems. The technology that went into the total system design of the Nautilus 801 & 802 is far ahead of the competition. Being fed with a proper signal in the right listening environment the 801's in particular will emulate a live performance.
I own the 802's and am going to the DunlavyIVa's or possibly the V's. I have a large room and the 802's seem to be lost. The Dunlavy's throw a huge sounstage and very deep bass compared to the 802's.